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Steve Reeves stars in this spaghetti production of Hercules.Muscles Muscles , i remember this one as a kid watched it again and again Director: Pietro Francisci Producer: Federico Teti Production Company: Embassy Pictures Corporation Audio/Visual: sound, color Hercules – Synopsis Because of his superhuman strength and courage, Hercules (STEVE REEVES) has been summoned by Pelias (IVO GARRANI), King of Jolco, to teach his son, Iphitus (MIMMO PALMARA), the use of arms. On the way to the court, Hercules saves the life of Princess lole (SYLVA KOSCINA) when he stops her runaway horse and helps to repair the broken chariot. lole recalls that tragic night when Pelias murdered his brother, King Aeson, and her cousin, Jason (FABRIZIO MIONI), rightful heir to the throne, disappeared with Chiron (AFRO POLl), General of the Army. With them went the symbol of royalty, The Golden Fleece. In Jolco, Hercules is well received by the King, and lole falls In love with him, but Iphitus resents his high position in the court. During the military training, young Ulysses (GABRIELE ANTONINI), guided by Hercules, defeats Iphitus in an archery contest. Then Hercules easily outdistances him in discus hurling. When Hercules goes after the raging Nemean lion, who has created havoc among the villagers, Iphitus, wishing to regain prestige, follows on horseback. He outruns Hercules chariot, tackles the lion first, and is savagely clawed. Hercules kills the lion, but too late to save Iphitus. The grief-maddened King, spurred on by his sly prime minister, Eurysteus (ARTURO DOMINICI), accuses Hercules of being responsible for Iphitus’ death and orders him to kill the Cretan bull in atonement. After a violent struggle, Hercules destroys the Bull with his bare hands. Following two men to a cave, he finds Chiron and Jason, who have been in hiding for years. Chiron tells Hercules where he has hidden the Fleece, and asks him to help Jason regain the royal symbol and his throne. Hercules and Jason go to Pelias, who refuses to recognize Jason’s claim unless he can produce The Golden Fleece. In the company of the famous Argonauts, Argos (ALDO FIORELLI), Ulysses, Laertes (ANDREA FANTASIA), Orpheus (GINO MATTERA), and Esculapius (G. P. ROSIMO), Jason and Hercules set out on the Argo. Their voyage is filled with adventure. They land on the island of the Amazons, where women warriors entice men and then kill them. The beautiful Amazon Queen, Antea (GIANNA MARIA CANALE), falls in love with Jason, while his fellow Argonauts revel with the lovely maidens of her court. Learning that the Amazons are about to kill his shipmates, Hercules, with the help of Ulysses, manages to make good their escape after a night of wild debauchery. At the island where the Fleece is hidden, Hercules and his mates fight off the natives, while Jason slays the dragon guarding the Golden Rams hide. On their return to Jolco, Eurysteus, who had accompanied the Argonauts in order to thwart their plans, steals the Fleece. Hercules is trapped and chained in a dungeon. Pelias orders the arrest of the Argonauts. lole assists in freeing Hercules to join his companions in battle with the King’s guards. Eurysteus is killed, and Pelias takes poison rather than face the wrath of his people. Jason is enthroned, and Hercules and lole embark on the Argo for a new life.
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