Little Shop Of Horrors/Jack Nicholson

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Roger Corman classic about a nerdy flowershop clerk who grows a giant, man-eating plant. Jack Nicholson makes his film debut as a dental patient who loves pain.
One of Corman’s best, without a doubt! It’s got all the Corman hallmarks- bizarro characters, outlandish plot, tiny budget… but it stands out from many of his others. Very humorous, wild, and creative. A must see, and an undisputed classic!
We’ve got a movie a boy, his girl, and his plant. And the plant likes to eat people. But, despite common opinion, the monster of the movie isn’t the hybrid man-eating plant named Audrey Jr, or it’s creator, the wimpy Seymour Krelborn. It’s the plant’s second victim, Dr. Farb. Why him? Well, number one, he’s a dentist. Number two, he’s vindictive, and if he doesn’t like you, you’re in for a mouthful of pain. Yep, a sadistic dentist is the true monster, despite what young Wilber Force (Jack Nicholson) may say. And for killing him, Seymour is one of my heroes, and the other is Audrey Jr, for simply having the stomach for him.
A Great Camp Film This is one of those films that you sit through and say ‘How Stupid’ only to find that you truly enjoyed it. The actors all underplay their parts and and 18 year old Jack Nicholson overplays to perfection the pain adicted dental patient. This is well worth downloading and watching again and again. (Dont miss renting the musical of the same name with Rick Moranis). This film is the one and only original. Great fun. Historical Events…. Vintage History!

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