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REMEMBER ANY OF THESE GREAT MOVIES LOTS OF GREAT STUFF HERE BUY 4 FOR THE PRICE OF 3 at my other auction…FREE SHIPPING B- MOVIES………………….THIS IS FOR ONE MOVIE. Director D.W. Griffith’s expensive, most ambitious silent film masterpiece Intolerance (1916) is one of the milestones and landmarks in cinematic history. Many reviewers and film historians consider it the greatest film of the silent era. The mammoth film was also subtitled: “A Sun-Play of the Ages” and “Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages.” Griffith was inspired to make this film after watching the revolutionary Italian silent film epic Cabiria (1914) by director Giovanni Pastrone. Intolerance was a colossal undertaking filled with monumental sets, lavish period costumes, and more than 3,000 extras. The film consisted of four distinct but parallel stories that demonstrated mankind’s intolerance during four different ages in world history. An epic tale. Four stories interlocking and sweeping in their power to show how intolerant people can be. Constance Talmadge, who plays in two of the stories, is best as the Mountain Girl in The Babylonian Story, who gains her freedom after a Judge forces to marry. She is saved by Prince Belshazzar (Alfred Paget) and tries to return the favor when she exposes a plot to destroy the city. The sets in this story were magnificent for the time. The battle scene was as good as any today. The race in the chariot to save Babylon was thrilling. In the modern tale, we see self-appointed guardians of the public morality (early CPS?) ruining lives based upon their twisted views. They steal Mae Marsh’s baby after her husband (Robert Harron) is jailed on trumped up charges. Jealousy and deceit leave one person dead and a race between a car and a train to save another. The film could have been edited as two of the segments were not really necessary, and the ending left a lot to be desired. In all tales, we see competing religions; Bel vs Ishtar, Pharisees vs. Christ’ Huguenots vs Catholics, and do-gooders vs the common people
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