Original Films Of Frank B Gilbreth 1910-1924

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2 films 15 minutes each ..Essentially a summary of work analysis films which were taken by Frank B. Gilbreth between 1910 and 1924 showing a number of industrial operations from which the motion study technique was developed.
These extraordinary films speak volumes about this remarkable man and his accomplishments. Gilbreth, who had 12 kids and was the author of ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, was a true renaissance man, film-maker, inventor, and most importantly, the man who championed the methods of motion study. You have to realize all of this was made in the 1920’s, and all of the demonstrations no doubt were to be mechanized in the years to come. So a lot of this is very primitive today. Mind you it is kind of funny to watch how people did tasks and how Gilbreth develops methods of doing it FASTER! While all of this is going on, GIlbreth has his 1910 hand cranked camera recording the action, timing his cranks with his Micro-chronometer. Totally fascinating to watch, this is highly recommended!
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