Our Home Town: Doylestown, PA. (1954)

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it’s so weird to see Doylestown 50 years ago. My mom is from the lower Bucks area and we have spent a lot of time in Doylestown. It’s interesting to see what she saw as a kid. Noticeably absent, though, is Fonthill. In fact, I’m wondering if they just used a random all-purpose soundtrack and just showed random shots of Doylestown to fill in. It is oddly generic. How can you talk about Doylestown without showing Fonthill or the Mercer Museum? .

This movie will appeal to 2 types of people !..The Sophisticates, as representes by television,s Frasier and his brother. Between giggles,they will be sneering and saying “so this is what the common people like” 2..People without pretensions. They will know this film requires an audience. So with a few friends, a barbeque meal and some beers(or whatever) they will have some hearty laughs as they watch this 20 minute ,75 year old crazy comedy

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