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..four films about the telephone The Big Bounce ,1960, far speak telephone 1935,just imagine 1947, and underground cable over 1 hour

the Telephone and all its wiring..Trunciated film here, but that’s okay. Saw everything that I wanted to see, narration about laying cable around the SF bay. Kind of interesting to see what kind of protection was needed for the cable, but that’s it. ……This is a film by Bell telephone depicting the efforts to waterproof underground cable…..

Charming Western Electric film about the history of long-distance telephone service up to 1935, and the technological innovations that made it possible. The film is framed by a silly scenes of a couple in 1877 who get their first telephone––the wife expresses skepticism that it will ever catch on––followed by an ending scene of the same couple, elderly in 1935, getting a call from their granddaughter in Japan (this time the wife insists that it was the husband who was originally skeptical). Between this are technical explanations of how long distance developed. These are kept lively by showing interesting graphics and animations of the devices involved, as well as a well-done down-through-the-years montage sequence. It all comes off as charming and fun, which seems to be typical of films made by the old Ma Bell.

The story of the Echo communications satellite project, and how scientists learned to bounce a radio signal off a big balloon.

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