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RCBS Evening News from 1987 / PBS Documentary on The Sgt. Pepper Album by the Beatles This is a series of programs taped from television by Leary in 1987. The first is a clip from the CBS evening news about Reagan’s pick for the Supreme Court and his past use of marijuana. The second show is a PBS documentary on the 20th anniversary of the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper 1986-03-28 What an idiotic proposal; censor as what being said. That idiot who brough up Hitler and said it was words that promted the burning of the jews. Zappa should have said, yeah, and Hitler had a censorship and book burning as well. There you go. Man oh man did Zappa see that coming. People pushing so-called Christianity down everyones throat’s along with a couple of meds to numb their minds so they will just sit quietly in their little cubicle and let the tax money they pay bail out the corporatocracy ,while women and children are forced to live in cardboard boxes in the goddamn fucking street. Frank was right about those seven words, it starts when we are young, the first thing they want to do is control certain words, all the while it’s the ideas that they are really after, control our ideas, thou shall not kill, except if they have oil under their sand ,they all bets are off. Too bad Darfur had no oil or any other apparent strategic value, shame on this country for letting that go on, that massacre, where are all the holocaust people now, silently somewhere counting their profits? These advocates of government control over your life are dangerous, as we have now with Obama and his pre-communist agenda. (His mentor was a Marxist) Obviously people not interested in loosing their freedom, until it’s gone. We need more Frank Zappa who are not afraid and say what he means, to protect your freedom of expression
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