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This has some good footage of early dragsters (which I think look pretty cool really), So if you like vintage drag-racing try this out.

Made for hot rod fans; explains how to prepare and enter a car show; also serves as an ethnographic account of the “nomadic tribe of hotrodders

Not that I’m from that era, but the film demonstrates the reasons and beginnings of hot rodding venues such as drag strips and land speed venues. I was surprised to see film of speed trials at El Mirage. Way cool for a gearhead that missed out on the beginning of the sport.

Teenager Mel burns rubber on city streets with his girlfriend Thera at his side. This film shows us an alternative for boys like Mel: drag racingÂ?a way for adolescent boys to blow off steam and stay out of trouble. Drag racing courses were commonplace on the outskirts of American towns in the fifties. It was a way to get teenagers off the streets and for landowners to get some money from unused acreage.

Interesting stuff for petrolheads and social scientists alike! This short film shows how 1950’s ‘outlaw hot-rodders’ were regulated into civil society.
This is an awesome film!! It’s got it all. Cool cats, beautiful cars, wonderful scenery and lots of dragstrip action. It even has a guy with a beatnik beard! The roar of those American V8’s is a beautiful sound to behold, something we don’t seem to hear enough of anymore. Today’s performance cars sound like a dying moose with those stupid mufflers they all seem to have. What I really like about this is the message of team work, discipline, adherence of rules and reward for a job well done.

A pretty nice looking documentary about the Hot Rod Nationals of 1958 by Sid “Cars are cool, except when they have strangers in them” Davis. We follow a crew that has built a car going to the Nationals in Detroit Michigan. From California, they take the VERY long way and somehow end up in Texas to pick up some other people to form this odd slow moving caravan to Detroit, when we finally get to see the hot rods in action, and what Hot rods they are! Big ones. small ones, colorful ones you name it. Anyways, I was fully expecting the California team to of course, WIN it, but that doesn’t happen (which makes them, of course drop out of sight for the remainder of the film). So, if your kicks are made by watching cars racing non stop on a strip of asphalt, then this is the film for you!

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